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7041335.com 2020-03-28 Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Confucius, Oriental holy city - Qufu. 

Is a collection of scientific research,   production,  sales in one of the professional production of medical equipment 

enterprises. Mainly produces operation shadowless lamp, electric operation bed, electric nursing bed, medical bed,

medical cabinet, medical Trolley etc..

   Companies concerned about the world's medical technology development and innovation, will be a leading technology, 

good market resilience, strong momentum of development, shaping China's medical equipment in the field of the most 

dynamic high-tech enterprises. Company to the Road Shengde, goods to the sincerity of the business philosophy, and 

pursuing customers first, the principle of quality first, through the unremitting efforts of all staff, to create a medical device 

products as the top brands.